Advanced Services

Developmental Editing

We can build your book or deconstruct and then reconstruct your material layer by layer, starting with the concept and moving out from there. This is the heart of "book doctoring."

Characters With Integrity

I have a special love for developing psychological integrity in fictional people. If you are receiving feedback from your peers or agents that the characters are not three dimensional, I help you study your people to develop a character bible and use this tool to breathe life into your players. This process inevitably pumps up the plot.


For professionals who are not writers, I can use your expertise to create the book. For authors who cannot meet their publishers' expectations I can work on editor's or agent's notes to complete final draft. For any book that needs to be "souped up", "jazzed up", "tweaked", or for celebrities who want to be the face for novels, this is the service to choose.