Workshops and Seminars

These workshops and seminars are available for writers’ conventions, writing groups and classes. The workshops are limited to fifteen people and the students will be asked to submit two pages of material ten days before the class. The seminars should have no fewer than five students.

Email for complete information on any course. Price varies according to venue, travel time, number of students.

A COURSE IN SELF-PUBLISHING(S) A quick history of how the industry legitimatized independent publishing; a review of various publishing/printing models available and their costs; discussion of value of hiring independent editorial, art, and marketing professionals rather than those offered by printer/publisher.

FROM YOUR NOTEBOOK TO THE READER (W) Evaluating whether your material is a book, blog, article; assessing whether or not you have chosen the most saleable concept; Are the characters actively developing your plot? Is the material structured in the most accessible way? Do characters have psychological integrity? If memoir, what prism should you use to tell your story? All the questions we can ask before we start the outline.

SELF-PUBLISHING SECRETS –with Ken Salzmann technical and marketing VP(S) Using our own publishing expertise, breaking down costs, net profit, what we’ve learned about ways to put together sales teams, mistakes we’ve made; developing ideas in house and going after the right authors; marketing on a small scale; social media without breaking the bank; resources

ONE ON ONE EDITORIAL MEETIINGS (W) Each individual submits two pages of material 10 days before the workshop and gets 15 minutes of editorial time to give an "elevator pitch" (what is this book about in one sentence) and get editorial feedback on the major aspects of fiction or nonfiction projects.

THE SECOND DRAFT (W) 8 hours spread over a period of weeks, the class takes each student’s work, based on a synopsis, and suggests where it needs revision. Students have a chance to bring back revised synopsis for review.


ORGANIC WRITING-FOR FICTION WRITERS (W) As Jennifer Eagen wrote in the NYTBR 10/5 …"Assail a character’s privacy from every possible angle, revealing to the reader that person’s impulses, wishes, personal history, habits of mind…" Think of this class as psychotherapy for your major characters. We establish their psychological integrity. We eschew the exercises used for beginning writers, instead building layered psychological and ancestral histories for your characters that automatically work their way into plot.